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Hazleton Catholic Homeschoolers

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Here are links to a collection of articles pertaining to homeschooling. Most deal with the growing trend of homeschooling, and the factors that weigh in on a family's decision to choose this option. Other articles deal with the history, challenges, and benefits of homeschooling, the 'socialization' issue, and moving on to college. The first article is from the Pennsylvania Home Educators Association. It explains the differences, legal and otherwise, between public cyber charter schools and homeschooling.


Public Cyber Charter Schools

How Do Homeschoolers Measure Up

Homeschooling: Back to the Future

Homeschooling Comes of Age

No Thank You, We Don't Believe in Socialization

Correcting Misconceptions About Home Schooling

The Separation of School and State

Homeschoolers Arrive on Campus

Is Private Schooling Privatizing

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